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Overview: Troubleshooting
If you should ever encounter any problems with DEVONthink – crashing, or any strange behaviour – here are a few tips on how to get the program up and running again.
Too Many Services
Database in Use
Corrupted Database
Repair Inconsistencies
Strange Behaviour
Switch to Backup
Crash when Rebuilding a Database
Problems with Filter Services
Incompatibilities with 3rd Party Extensions
DEVONthink Doesn't Recognize My Files
The DEVONtechnologies User Forum is a great place to check for troubleshooting tips and to seek the advice of other users. To find up-to-date tips, also see our FAQs.
Of course, DEVONtechnologies Support stands by to help you overcome any difficulties you may encounter. Select "Help > Support" to initiate an e-mail message to Support. Please include information about your computer, the version of Mac OS X you are using, the version of DEVONthink Professional you are using, and describe the problem you encountered, and what you were doing when it happened.
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